"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."

Great school of Life

Life is a great school and nature is the ultimate teacher

But without awareness you can't hear the "teacher." Awareness transforms life's lessons into wisdom; it can translate confusing circumstances and events into useful knowledge.  Awareness then is the beginning of all learning.

Learning is a response to a demand to grow; to do something you couldn't do before.  The process of learning therefore naturally involves errors.  Errors aren't the problem; ignoring or misunderstanding them is. In order to correct an error, you must first be fully aware of it; then it's inevitably going to be corrected.

The usual way of measuring "how things are going" in your Karate training is by observing the results.  In other words, if you win a match, then everything seems fine, but if the match is lost, you know something is wrong.  Awareness can translate that "something" into specifics.  True awareness is a sensitivity of the entire organism arrived at through sensory feedback, mental clarity, and emotional intuition.  If it were merely an intellectual affair, then babies couldn't learn.  So, live and always be aware of your learning.  If you've acknowledged that awareness of errors is essential to improvement, and, in fact, is the greatest step in correcting any weakness, you might assume that growing awareness is a pleasant affair. on the contrary, awareness is a disillusioning process and requires the spirit of a warrior.


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