"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."

Higher Level Thinking

The Way 

Higher Levels of Karate Training and Understanding


The 20th Century Human Being is one who finds comfort in living their life within the mainstream status quo of what would be considered normal. Their lives and thoughts will follow the path of a lower consciousness being.

The Spiritual Path - Everyone walks a path, whether consciously or not. If you are walking a Spiritual Path, it means that your intention is to experience your life from a fully conscious state of awareness. You are also aware of dimensions and realities beyond the physical and you consult with higher forms of wisdom and intelligence to provide guidance for the directions and choices you make on your life's path.

Higher level consciousness thoughts - As part of the evolutionary process, it is a natural occurrence to raise your lower consciousness thoughts towards a more expansive viewpoint. Rather than processing your thinking in a fear-based system, you begin with thoughts of Love. From this place as a starting point, you will ultimately be guided to seeing the reality around you in a more positive Light. You will begin to see yourself in others which create a common bond for compassion and empathy to be expressed. This infectious state of being will permeate everything around you, so that the reality you experience contains the essence of joy, happiness and bliss -- no matter what circumstances are being played out in front of you.

The Higher level consciousness being is one who indulges in a life based on higher consciousness thoughts such as those based in the emotions of love and kindness in which you offer compassion and respect for those around you.

The Higher Self is a part of yourself that has always existed and has been with you guiding you on your evolutionary path. This is a fully conscious and aware part of your entire Self that can be accessed through your sincere intent. This part of your Self fully understands all there is to know about you and is the wisest part of your being. Your Higher Self is your connection to All That is and it is Love in its purest form.  
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