"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."

Karate as an Art

Karate as an Art

The natural result of the requirements to which the body must adhere to in order to produce maximum efficiency is an artistry and beauty that can compare Karate with Ballet. The self-control, discipline and flashes of inspiration, coupled with the disappointments and heartbreaks that all devotees of Karate experience make it a comprehensive aesthetic form. In its practice Karate spans the whole spectrum of human emotions and endeavor.

Karate? Not just a way to train fighters

Although Karate is a form of fighting, it will nurture non-aggression in its practitioners. When, through a misunderstanding or lack of guidance, Karate techniques are practiced solely as a fighting method, they cease to be Karate. Nobody needs Karate to learn to fight. Street fighting techniques are very efficient. Although a Karateka is capable of fighting, his training leads him to avoid trouble and provoking hostile situations. This is Karate.

Patience is a quality that a student of Karate-Do will develop. Progress in Karate (unlike that in most sports) tends to be very slow and there is often a desire to give up through disappointment. He who perseveres will always progress no matter how small that progression. This too is Karate.

From the first, a student must enter the Dojo with an empty mind forgetting all he has been taught in other sports. Only by doing this can he grasps the essence of Karate and the message it conveys. Simplicity and respect are two qualities a student should never forget. In the Dojo nobody should presume that he is better than anybody else, for the true challenge of Karate is with oneself.


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