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Katame Waza

Classification of grappling techniques

The different methods of restraining an opponent are divided into three categories; katame waza (restraining techniques), shime waza (strangulation techniques) and kansetsu waza (joint locking techniques).

The term ne waza is commonly used in place of katame waza, but the terms are not interchangeable. Ne waza refers to techniques applied when lying on the mat, and many of the shime waza and kansetsu waza can be applied to a standing opponent. The term katame refers to a technique which secures an opponent, which is not neccessarily the same as pinning an opponent down on the mat.

Katame waza

Osaekomi waza

Kuzure kesa gatame, Kata gatame, Kami shiho gatame, Kuzure kamishiho gatame, Yoko shiho gatame, Tate shiho gatame, Kesa gatame

Shime waza

Nami juji jime, Gyaku juji jime, Kata juji jime, Hadaka jime, Okuri eri jime, Kataha jime, Do jime (forbidden), Sode guruma jime, Katate jime, Ryote jime, Tsukkomi jime, Sangaku jime

Kansetsu waza

Ude garami, Udehishigi juji gatame, Udehishigi ude gatame, Udehishigi hiza gatame, Udehishigi waki gatame, Udehishigi hara gatame, Ashi garami (forbidden), Udehishigi ashi gatami, Udehishigi te gatame, Udehishigi sangaku gatame

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