"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."


It is a distinct pleasure to extent to all of you a warm welcome to the World Sansei family. Our life’s purpose is to teach men and women how to fully develop them in mind, body and spirit…and then to live dynamically within the strength of those strengths…all while enjoying the journey.
The strength and uniqueness of Goju Ryu Karate lies in its heritage. Each one of us is an extension of the direct line from, Higashionna Kanryo to, Miyagi, Sensei to my teachers, to your Sensei’s, and to you. In order to put the philosophical, spiritual, and physical teachings of your seniors in proper perspective, you should understand the inspiring heritage of our Karate. Again welcome to the organization.

Manny Saavedra, Kaicho

World Sansei

1. International Programs for Technical, Philosophical and Leadership Development. 

2. An International Network of "Karate Leaders" 

3. International System and Rank Recognition. 

4. "Highest Quality" Membership & Rank Cards, Patches and Certificates for Sansei Members. 

5. Published Rank Requirements for World Sansei Affiliate and Partner Organizations and represented systems. 

6. A Proper and Non-Political Promotion System for all members. 

7. Technical, Administrative & Communication Assistance for Students and Instructors across the globe.·High quality training videos, books, technical material & more.·The finest professional website. 

8. International Instructor / Examiner Certification. 

9. An International Headquarters with "decentralized" Martial Arts Programs and Leadership. 

10. The recognition of "International Training Centers" for expert training in both traditional and competitive Martial Arts. 

11. The further development of the "International Higher Learning Institute for Martial Arts”;
continuing education courses for

12. black belts for research and technical development. Based in Hombu Dojo Miami, Florida. 

13. The further development of the "International Martial Arts League” for scholarship and resource development. 

14. The "International League of Excellence" recognizing growth and leadership accomplishments of World Sansei members. "Established" International Martial Arts competition

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