"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."

Mind and Consciousness

Unification of Body, Mind and Spirit


Sansei is a holistic well-being program dedicated to unification of the body, mind and spirit. A delightful synchronization of movement, visualization, and song, brings the three centers, into harmony and alignment. We vibrate with vitality, drinking from our reservoir of inner peace and wisdom.


Fitness of the body creates fitness of the mind. This coupled with appreciation for the beauty and miracle of life unifies the body, mind and spirit trinity, bringing it all together. Then, sitting in gratitude, we are attuned to what needs to be done in any given moment, reception, eager and willing to engage in the creative process of life.


We each have a unique talent to offer to the world.  We are here to help each other evolve and grow as we discover new ways to consciously live fully.


The World Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate Organization offers the tools to support your work as a leader and pioneer of positive change. Some of the practices help release pent up stress, anxiety and frustration. Other exercises are designed to energize, renew, and prepare you for the days ahead when the demand is high and your energy is low.


It’s challenging to stay centered in a world the in continually changing. We are better prepared to meet this challenge when we are centered, balanced, and charged with vital energy. With our whole system tuned-up, we have the strength and flexibility to fully get behind what we live for, and all that we are here to do.


We offer this program to guide and support you in fulfilling your mission and life purpose, in both your personal and career endeavors.


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