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38 Lessons for Living: 
Hard and Gentle Insights to Experience Personal Growth

J.M. Gallego and M.A. Saavedra 

38 Lessons for Living is a unique self-help book in that it does two particular things: first, it uses real-life experiences as its guide; and second, it adapts martial arts philosophy to a modern world.

This is not a martial arts book at all, but rather uses core martial arts principles to teach practical living skills. Initially, the driving force behind the book was personal. Both authors have had bouts with insecurity, personal finance, and other aspects of the human experience.

Throughout our teaching career, many individuals have crossed our path that came for a variety of reasons—to learn an art form, to relieve stress, to learn discipline and respect, and to become better individuals. This book incorporates all that we have learned in the martial arts arena, and all that we have learned as educators in the area of practical living skills and personal finance. Although the martial arts do not teach material success, they do offer profound teachings and examples that will precipitate success.

This book is particularly important for young people who are just starting adulthood. It offers practical insight into how they can live their lives to the fullest, while understanding their role in society, and ways to manage finances successfully. This book seeks to educate, enlighten, and give direction to individuals wanting to positively change their lives. Each section offers a brief saying, a general explanation, and a reaffirmation quote.

Click here to view “Manny Saavedra Hanshi an Instructor’s Instructor. A Teacher’s Teacher” By William Rivera, Shihan : MartialForce.com

Sensei Duncan s Book  (Western Carolina University)

Finally! I have been threatening to do this for years! I am very proud to announce the publication of my first book. Karate for College Students & Couch Potatoes is a compilation of discoveries I have made in the last decade of teaching a one credit PE class at Western Carolina University. It is a general overview of basic karate that is non-style specific. It is a good read for a beginning practitioner of any style, as well as a light-hearted look at the Martial Arts. Should you be a current college student, don't worry! I have been teaching college students for a long time now, I get it! I used small words!

This book includes a companion DVD where I demonstrate a couple of katas and discuss how applications can be found in even the most basic of kata. I also beat up on Sensei Jon a bit, which is both entertaining and instructional.

The single copy price is $20.00 plus $4 S&H (US locations only.) I only accept PayPal at this time.

International students, please    http://www.matoday.us/index.php?what=book and I will figure out how to send you books. I am not about to kill myself learning how to ship a book to Kenya if nobody from Kenya wants one.

School owners, http://www.matoday.us/index.php?what=book for case prices.



(International Old-Style Karate Goju Association)


The Value of an Ideal







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(International Old-Style Karate Goju Association)



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