"A tree reaches past your embrace grows from one small seed."

Ultimate Purpose

Sansei Goju-Ryu Karate is an art in which the ultimate purpose is not to seek to win but to work towards perfection of character by the accumulation of experience through training. It is also a form of self-defense using all parts of the body, which by hard and systematic training become effective and powerful weapons. Sansei encompasses whole body movements, which develop balance so that an overall maturity of movement is created. Sansei incorporates the use of the entire body.  The legs, hips, spinal column, shoulders and arms are all made to react with each other in a mechanically coordinated system so that power, which has been created at different points of the body, is finally channeled into a single area with tremendous force.

This kind of co-ordination is achieved through the constant practice of the basic movements (Kihon), which due to their variety and complexity can be considered as a complete art form in themselves. The mastery of these fundamental techniques ensures a strong foundation for progress and expansion in the two other aspects of Karate-Do, being, formal exercises (Kata), and sparring (Kumite).

Karate-Do has increased greatly in popularity throughout the world that is good for true Karate, but there are certain groups that have moved away from its true meaning, eschewing moral and spiritual ideas. This attitude results in too much emphasis being placed on free style fighting which can never develop a person of character. True Karate-Do practice is to train the body and spirit, to respect one’s training partner it should be practiced with all one’s heart and energy, and with humility.



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