Study & Research Groups

World Sansei  Study & Research Groups focus on different fields of study, including History,   Analysys of Kata, Teaching methods, Nutrition, Dojo health and welfare, legalities, and much more.

World Sansei study and research group fosters original and innovative research on different areas. Each Study Group has its own specificity, but they all share a common ground to explore a wide range of topics and they are all presided over a shared spirit of openness, flexibility and collaboration. World Sansei Study Groups are the perfect fit for those willing to share ideas, research and discuss new approaches to common topics. We do so by bringing together all ranks in our yudansah, through encouraging discussion and exchange of ideas from a multidisciplinary perspective. In order to achieve fruitful debate and discussion, we facilitate the flow of communication among each of out Black Belts and other individuals that are experts in many related fields by means of presentation of high-quality research.

World Sansei allow these Study Groups to create international knowledge networks and to promote intellectual exchange in a multidisciplinary framework.

World Sansei Study & Research encourages active participation of all instructors and members in the different Projects and Programs. This collaboration provides fresh understanding of the topics of study, granting the integration of young Sensei's  and students in our community.