A Sensei's greatest achievements are his students and I've been blessed with many extraordinary people who called me their Sensei. While I taught at the University, the great majority of my students became professors, teachers, engineers, scientists, nurses, peace officers, psychologists, ministers and more. My students ranged in age from 6 to 87.

I would like to congratulate my students for their accomplishments!


First of all, my parents, for the wonderful prenatal life energy that they poured into my mind, body and spirit at my conception and birth. Due in part to their contribution, I have enjoyed a lifetime of relative good mental health and happiness, both internally and externally. Like everyone, I am not without challenges in terms of overall health, but at least I can be thankful for a strong foundation that directly came from their DNA and the DNA of their ancestors. Thanks for the great head start! Second of all, I want to show my sincere appreciation to the family members, friends, teachers and associates who have passed into and in some cases, out of my life. During my lifetime, I have had the good fortune of meeting and knowing, in various degrees and capacities, some of the most wonderful people who have ever walked this planet. In my view, we are all students and teachers of each other, no matter what our differences in age, nationality, culture, language, gender or rank may be. In fact, I feel that the bigger the perceived difference, the more we have an opportunity to learn from each other. It is our duty to seize those opportunities with great interest and vigor, as it strengthens our bonds with other individuals and broadens our understanding of life. Third, as it relates to my path of learning and teaching Karatedo, my chosen path of life, I would like to thank all of my teachers, students and associates, as you have contributed to my growth and understanding in ways that are impossible to describe in words. Your sharing and caring, and your participation in what you also love and cherish, has had a terrific impact on who I am. This extends to people who I've never met in person, but whose books, articles, audio and video works that I have read, heard and seen. I thank you all and I hope that I have reciprocated to you in some way.

It is my Life Work to continue cultivating this organization, and to share it with anyone who has this as a common interest.